Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer Reading

Over the summer I read The Prestige by Christopher Priest. I liked that it told both magician's stories. I learned that you shouldn't take competion to such drastic measures.

The second novel I read was The mist by Stephen King. I liked the whole idea of the mist shrouding the city and strange creatures living in it. I learned that you should always stick together when crazy things happen.


Qualities of a good teacher
  1. Patience
  2. accepts all questions
  3. gives multiple methods of learning

Qualities of a good student

  1. respectful
  2. prepared
  3. asks for help when needed
  4. doesnt procrastinate

Qualities of a good class

  1. Not disruptive
  2. focused
  3. wants to learn
  4. lots of participation