Thursday, April 29, 2010

PLN 26

Today more than 100 Denver high school students marched to the Capital to protest the Arizona immigration law. Many people are upset with this new law and wanted to join the march. One student wanted to play baseball in Arizona but with this new law he is afraid he would be asked if he was illegal. This matters because that was his dream and now he has to think of a new one.

PLN 24

There is a new law in Arizona that lets police officers pull suspicious looking people aside and ask for there immigration papers. This is very wrong because if there is a racist cop they will just go up to the illegal looking people and ask for their papers. This matters because it lets cops discriminate. Many people are protesting this and i agree with them. This relates to what i was learning in history, civil rights.

PLN 25

In the article " Denver schools ban employee travel to Arizona over immigration law" by Heather McWilliams it says that Denver public school employees will not be allowed to go to Arizona on work related things using the schools funds. Many other schools are doing the same thing in protest to the new Arizona law. This matters because many people disagree with cops just pulling random people aside just because they look like they are illegal immigrants. I really disagree with what the new immigration law. This could end up turning into the next civil rights movement.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

PLN 21

In the article "Fossil Skeletons may be Human" it talks about how some skeletons of what scientists believe were the immediate ancestors of humans would be in South Africa. A young male and an adult woman were found. They have longer arms than us but the facial structure is very similar. The estimated brain size of the skeletons are a lot less than a humans though. This matters because this is a big discovery of our past. The skeletons were from about 2 million years ago.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

PLN 16

In the Article"Cops: Springs man brought baby to cocaine deal" by Kieran Nicholson it talks about how 4 guys were arrested in Colorado Springs for making a cocaine deal. One man had a pipe with marijuana on his lap and his 14 month old daughter. This matters because the little girl probably inhaled some of the marijuana smoke and that is abuse. 3 others were arrested at the men's houses where there was 14 marijuana plants, 81 grams of cocaine, and 165 grams of marijuana.