Friday, December 11, 2009

PLN 27

In the article "Pipe Bombs His Hobby" by the associated press it talks about a 56 year old anesthesiologist who made pipe bombs as a hobby. He said that he only blew them up in secure remote areas. Previous neighbors stated that he was against the government. He also admitted to binge drinking, depression, and drug abuse. This could be dangerous for everyone around him. Authorities said they seized about 35 pipe bombs in his apartment.

PLN 26

In the article "Who Needs a Resume? Tweet Earned Him a Job" by Eve Tahmincioglu she talks about how Hal Thomas got a job just by tweeting. He got the job by showing a sense of humor and showing his perspective on social media. The company that offered the job was BFG communications. This matters because it shows us what can be done with social networks. A simple tweet could land you a job.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

PLN 25

A 53 year old woman was arrested for hitting her boyfriend in the face with a raw steak. They were arguing over bread. He wanted a bread roll but she gave him a slice. Every time he refused the slice she would slap him. When it was all over she was arrested for the abuse of a disabled adult. Why she would him him in the face I don't know but that is crazy.

PLN 24

In the article "Nearly 10,000 U.S. Deaths Caused by Swine Flu" by CDC, it talks about how more people are dying from H1N1. About 1 in 6 Americans have been infected. Since October the amount of infections has increased tremendously. 1,1oo children and 7,500 young adults died mid November. 50 million Americans have been infected. This matters because I don't want to get it and it shows that immunity is important.

PLN 23

29 years ago today John Lennon was murdered. He was shot in front of his apartment in Manhattan. He was killed when he was with his wife Yoko Ono. He was cremated and Yoko Ono decided not to have a funeral. Why do you think he was killed? What consequences do you think his killer deserved?