Monday, September 6, 2010


In the book "Father Fiction" by Donald Miller, he describes the feelings and problems he went through because he didn't have a father. This relates to me because I only see my Dad once every 4 months. some things in the book I don't really understand because it gets so spiritual. It makes the book a little less my style because I don't believe in God. I got to wondering why he relied so much on a supernatural being rather than figuring things out and moving on. On the positive side it made me think about who I should pick as a male role model and how it will affect me in the future. That decision will help reduce the amount of mistakes a make. The book continues with what relationships and things like that will be without a father. I am more of a figure things out as they come and by myself so I will have to wait to see if I relate to any of that stuff. Overall I enjoy the book and what it makes me think about.

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