Monday, September 13, 2010


In the book "Father Fiction" by Donald Miller his father is a character that was once good but turned into a bad person because he left his son, his son had to look for a male role model, and it left his son wondering about certain things. I think that fathers do this because they are intimidated by the kid and will have to fight for attention. This would explain why they go off and find other women and leave their old families behind. Don in the book continuously is finding new role models and watching them fail one by one. Finally he just resorts to religion and spirituality so God could be his father. Don didnt know certain things when it came to being social and relating to other people. When he got older he moved in with a family and learned a lot about Dads and what they are supposed to teach their sons. Fathers that leave their old families are bad people to me because that does some damage on the members of the family that can never be repaired.

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